Diabetes Education

We offer a “Path to Sweet Success” education class, taught by our Nurse Practitioner. The goal of this class is to educate our diabetic patients on how to “LIVE” with diabetes. A Path to Sweet Success teaches everything from what you should and should not eat to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, to foot care and everything in between!

Smoking Secession

Our team of Board Certified Internal Medicine Physicians and our highly trained staff are dedicated to counsel and educate our patients on the importance of smoking secession. It is our mission to help you live a healthier tomorrow.


For your convenience and to better treat our patients, we offer onsite digital X-ray.

On Site lab

For your convenience and to better diagnose our patients, we have an onsite phlebotomy lab. Our highly trained staff is equipped to draw any blood test ordered by our physicians. We also perform numerous in house tests, such as Flu and strep swabs, pregnancy test, hgbA1C, urinalysis and much more.

Long term disease management

We feel that it is not enough just to diagnose our patients with a disease or illness. That’s why our team of physicians take great pleasure in providing our patients with the highest quality of long term disease management.