How easy is it for me to get in to see my doctor when I’m sick?
Your health is our top priority. Our Board Certified Internal Medicine Physicians are here to help you Monday through Friday. Same day appointments are usually available. At times, when your physician is attending to patients needs at the hospital or assisting other patients here in our clinic, another member of our healthcare team will be available for your care.

When and how will I get my test results?
If you do not have a follow up appointment with the doctor to discuss your results, our nursing staff will give you a call as soon as your doctor reviews the test results. This sometimes takes anywhere from 2 days to a week depending on the test preformed.

How do I get my medication refilled?
The fastest and easiest way to get your medications refilled is to notify your pharmacy. Depending on the type pharmacy, processing can take anywhere from hours to days. By starting the process early you will never run out of your medication.

How soon will a nurse call me back when I leave a message?
Our nurses understand how important your questions are…..Our nursing staff will answer messages between patients throughout the day and will return your call before the end of the business day. However, messages left after 3pm may not be answered until the next business day. It is not necessary to leave more than one message regarding the same matter; your message will get answered as soon as possible.

What insurances do you accept?
Our office accepts many types insurances, For further information concerning insurances, please give our office a call and our highly trained staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How long will I have to wait in the lobby before seeing my doctor?
We value your time and are privileged that you trust us with your health. It is our goal to provide quality medical care in a timely fashion, and minimize your wait time. Since all health issues are unique, your wait time may vary. We do our best to keep on schedule so that you are seen in a timely manner.